SST Accumulator Tanks

SST Accumulator tanks made from Stainless Steel 304

The PWT1000 is a 1000 litre tank with all the required fittings to be an off the shelf accumulator tank to store plenty of 90C hot water to give the user a nice bank or accumulation of hot water to be charged [heated up!] by your gasification wood boiler. Fabrication is ‘304’ type stainless steel. The tank is wrapped in 50mm of high density polyurethane foam and provides amazing insulation performance. Plumbing fittings are all BSP standard threads. The outer shell is very attractively packaged to the customer in marine ply board and polyurethane packing. The tank itself is 251 cm tall and 90 cm by 90 cm boxed.

We recommend using the PWT1000 with the KK3o gasification boiler.

The PWT1000 also has two internal heat exchange coils that may be used to heat potable hot water for the home and/or used to charge the tank from an alternate heat source such as solar. The exchangers are around 20kW rating. The tank stands neatly on four rubber feet. There is also a magnesium sacrificial anode and a 3 kW heating element incorporated.