Wood Gasification Boilers & Heaters

Kroll Heaters Australia is your Wood Gasification Boiler Headquarters for Wood Hydronic Heating, High Efficiency and High Home Comfort

Hydronic Heating is Kroll core business. Talk to us about saving energy & money with multiple heating zones! Also: the accumulation of energy with batch wood burning.

These boilers are designed to be installed in an outbuilding or utility room. They have high heat outputs and nice big fireboxes to let you easily heat your house and domestic hot water with wood.
Taifu is based in Zhejiang province, China. Their mission statement is to be the best pump manufacturer in China. Kroll uses the Taifu stainless steel and cast iron varieties.
Alfa has a complete line of shell and tube heat exchangers for solar pool heating systems or boiler heating systems. To promote longevity of all the system components, instead of placing chlorine.
Laddomat in your system prolongs the lifetime of your boiler.Because Laddomat cools the boiler with pre-warmed return water, the corrosion in the bottom half of the boiler is reduced drastically.
The PAWT1000 is a 1000 litre Stainless Steel tank with all the required fittings to function as an accumulator tank to store plenty of 90C hot water to give the user a nice energy bank.
1 firing/day with Accumulator Tank with Laddomat
2-4 firings/day without an Accumulator Tank


Wood pellet boilers are the fully automated, environmentally friendly solution that satisfies the rigorous demands of today's lifestyle. Also, wood pellet boilers are environmental friendly in nature as they are sustainable, renewable, and carbon-neutral fuel source.


Wood Gasification Boiler System

Wood Gasification Boiler System 'charging' a 330litre accumulating water tank via Laddomat circulator/valve.Laddomat charging & mixing valve for wood boilers. Manages boiler protection from condensation and manages the accumulation of plenty of hot water.


Store plenty of 90C hot water with the shelf accumulator tank


Accumulator tanks are recommended to increase the efficiency of the pressure pumps. It’s a water-chamber followed by an air-bladder and the pressure is already set. The tank is installed on the side holding the pressure of the pump that reduces pump cycling.